The Pitfalls of Hiring Overseas Software Developers: Why TurnKey Labs is the Solution

I was looking for a position as a Software Engineer, and I had about three calls a day from potential companies during my hiring process. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), HRM job titles are expected to grow 5% in the U.S. between 2022 to 2023. Salary prospects remain strong; the median annual salary for an HR manager was approximately $130,000 in May 2022, according to the BLS. For HR specialist positions, median salaries were more than $64,000 at that same time. The primary factor that differentiates HR from personnel management is the way technology began to be used to improve communication and access to employee information.

Hiring one in your city would mean to either extend your planned budget, and you can’t find anyone around to work in the office. To see the price difference, search for Java developer positions overseas, of course, this data is just approximate, but it will give you the idea of the possible costs. When you understand that you will need to scale your developer team as the project moves on, hiring remote devs is the best option. Emphasize the opportunities for professional growth and skill development within your company.

How to Find Overseas Software Developer for Startup

To make your life easier, we’ve created a table with hourly rates from offshore development companies in different regions sourced from Upwork and PayScale. In this guide, we’ll analyse and compare offshore software development rates worldwide and what are the factors affecting these prices. By the end of the article, you’ll know the best offshore software development country so you can start offshoring today. There are a number of reasons you might be hesitant to outsource software development projects. But the most common complaint revolves around the overall ease with which you can receive work done.

For small organizations, one HR generalist might perform a broad array of functions. Larger organizations have several HR professionals who handle specialized roles, such as recruiting, immigration and visas, talent management, employee benefits and compensation. Though these HR positions are specialized, job functions might still overlap. HRM is employee management with an emphasis on employees as assets of the business.

What are the emerging trends in web development?

In this case, outsourcing is your best shot and you can do that by hiring an overseas startup engineer. That’s why we’ve made this guide on recruitment practices and issues for US companies hiring software developers overseas. With the right expertise and knowledge, you can hire quickly and fearlessly for every opportunity.

But if you’re based in the UK and the time difference is too much for you, you may choose to outsource to Eastern European countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, or Romania. Another advantage of outsourcing software development is exposure to a global market. Your offshore software development team can help you understand the changing trends and risks you may not be aware of. Huge demand and a limited supply of senior engineers in these regions lead to a rise in salaries and intense rivalry for available resources. And if big enterprises can afford to pay the highest prices and win this competition, most smaller companies have to look for talent in countries with lower living costs.

High-quality products

However, you must be careful when choosing a country to outsource software development services. Unfortunately, not all offshore countries offer a good price/quality ratio. A promising contract may end in paying twice because you’ll have to look for another offshore development team to correct the mistakes of the previous one.

Very terrible programmers will work on something, but it will certainly not make it into production. Ruby on rails is a little faster if you are trying to build everything from scratch because many existing plugins and modules allow developers to skip writing repetitive code. Developers must maintain their language proficiency to stay abreast of new advances. Working with people dedicated to completing the task at hand is always a positive experience.

Overseas Software Developers for Startups: TurnKey Labs’ Winning Formula

We at Softermii are always ready for
cooperation as outsourcing professionals. If you are looking for a dedicated
team, we’ll be the best choice for you. It allows us to deliver the best services at a reasonable price
and provide complex architect solutions for worldwide companies, R&D
centers, startups, and SMB. In different regions and countries, the preferences in programming languages
vary. When choosing amongst the top software outsourcing countries, you should
remember this fact.

  • Almost all areas of HRM have sophisticated software that automates HR processes to varying degrees, along with other features, such as analytics.
  • Simply put, whenever your software development team passes a phase or achieves a goal, this helps them focus on the larger project.
  • Consider outsourcing to companies that specialize in software development.
  • At Uptech, we use an array of communication tools, such as Slack, Jira, Zoom, Figma, and Miro to work closely with our clients.
  • Today, it’s possible for US companies to hire software developers overseas and benefit in many ways.
  • This indicates a growing demand for offshore software development in the upcoming future.

Maintenance, debugging, integration, and continuous upgrades are part and parcel of technology advancement. With a specialized full-time offshore team, you receive top-notch software development services around the clock to help you compete in this market. Today, many North American companies entrust top tech professionals devops team roles and responsibilities from Latin America with their IT routine. The main assets include high-quality development services, real-time collaboration, and cultural similarity, which are all beneficial for a business. Among Latin American companies, Brazil is the number one software outsourcing destination, followed by Argentina and Panama.

Treat the offshore team as your in-house team

In January 2023, we decided to compare the rates that we published in this article at the very beginning with the current market prices for software development. And now, let’s try to understand what market processes lead the global software development market to the current situation. It is very difficult for us to name the single best country for software development outsourcing. Among other things, in our opinion, the countries of Eastern Europe, such as Ukraine, Poland and Romania, remain the best.

Many global firms follow the outsourcing strategies in their business and hire overseas programmers using the quality services of the overseas agencies. In the ever-evolving landscape of global software development, the decision to hire overseas developers presents both promise and peril. Expanding your software development team across borders can be a strategic move that unlocks numerous advantages. Here, we explore the compelling benefits of hiring overseas developers, including why regions like Latin America and Europe are becoming prime destinations where to hire developers overseas. The biggest advantage of offshore software development is the ability to save money on labor. According to some sources, hourly rates for software developers overseas may be as much as half or even a quarter of the cost of the same professional skills in the US.

Main Reasons to Hire a Developer Overseas

The software development rates in India and The Philippines go from €10/h to €50/h. Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa, so it’s no surprise it’s a prominent software development hub. Similarly, Morocco is investing heavily in computer science and producing more engineers than ever before. Monterrey, the country’s industrial capital, has a talent pool of 100,000+ high-skilled engineers ready to embark on international projects. A Pacific Asia “hard-working” mindset may drive a developer to follow through with something even if they have a huge disagreement internally. Alternatively, a more bureaucratic approach may push developers to take a more conservative approach, for the sake of the project’s success.

They will make sure that your project is handled the best way possible and by the most skilled specialists. You can hire overseas developers from agencies that have years of expertise in this. This will not cost you much more than an independent search but will be short in time. Let’s assume you need a senior Java developer to lead your team of junior devs on a project.

How to select an offshore outsourcing software development firm

You can save money by hiring professionals in Asian nations, but you’ll get less in return for your money. Indeed, having your team somewhere across the ocean doesn’t seem like the best idea. However, the era of remote work is here, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

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