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Several of these wallets support Litecoin among other cryptocurrencies. KeepKey is a hardware wallet that stores and manages your private key generation, private key storage, and the facilitation of outgoing transactions. It works together with software on your computer, but securely holds your private keys and cryptocurrency offline on your secured KeepKey device. KeepKey is a highly capable hardware wallet with various sophisticated features. Litecoin is supported by multiple LTC wallet providers, including Atomic Litecoin Wallet.

  • You need to use a program to manage your Litecoins, it will keep your private keys and provide additional functions such as sending, receiving, exchanging, and more.
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  • These multicurrency wallets can support Litecoin and just about any other crypto in your porfolio, as long as it’s not too new or obscure.
  • We’ve included popular hardware wallets, desktop software wallets, and options with extra security features.
  • With Guarda, you remain in control of your keys at all times, and your funds cannot be used by anyone else.

The wallet is free to use, and eToro does not charge any fees for storing cryptocurrencies. Though fees are charged for transactions by the blockchain to pay for its validators. With eToro Money wallet, you can not only enjoy storing your coins securely but also an excellent social trading platform with a wide selection of assets and trading instruments.

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I know it’s not safe but I keep your cold wallet without usage and that’s the biggest success for safety. Download the app to see why CryptoWallet is the only wallet you’ll ever need. However, if you install the wallet on a computer that has malware or connects to the Internet via unsecured Wi-Fi networks, your funds may still be at risk. Some examples include the CryptoWallet app, the Ledger Live Android app, the Litewallet iOS app, and Jazz.

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Trust Wallet stands out in this category because of the way it allows users to securely store, send, and receive over 4.5 million digital currencies and tokens on the go. Discover a list of popular cryptocurrency wallets to help you choose which one is the best Litecoin wallet for you. The Infinity Wallet by far has the most user friendly and intuitive user interface of any wallet I’ve ever seen. As more cryptocurrencies get added, I think it will be a real game changer for the industry. Infinity Wallet is the best multi cryptocurrency wallet to store your favourite coin/token, very easy to use and very smooth, special design. The Infinity Wallet supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and tokens, and we are constantly looking for new and exciting additions.

Site address (Paper Wallet for Litecoin)

Basically, it’s the same thing as regular best litecoin wallet wallets, except for that your private keys are encrypted in a hardware wallet. Software wallets are online whereas hardware wallets are physical devices that store your assets. There are then many more ways you could classify cryptocurrency wallets; some are free, some will cost you money to use, some store your funds online , and others offline . All of the online wallet features have pros and cons so you need to make sure you choose the right Litecoin wallet for how you want to use it. Probably the most popular crypto-cold wallet, the Ledger Nano S provides high security with its secure chip and a proprietary operating system. Your private keys are created in its secure chip, which keeps them offline from the internet.

There is also a 24- to keep your funds safe in an offline environment. You will need this seed in case you wish to restore the XRP wallet. Coinomi – An multicurrency wallet for mobile and desktop that also supports a desktop interface.

Make sure that all these above points are fulfilled before selecting any cryptocurrency wallet. Be vigilant of the reputation a wallet has; wallets are usually popular if they provide a good and secure service. Double and triple check wallet addresses before making a transaction; incorrect addresses may lead to you losing your funds forever. For example, to connect your Litecoin wallet with popular DEX UniSwap you will need an account with a software wallet like MetaMask. You will almost always need a cryptocurrency wallet to trade on a DEX; usually, this will be a browser extension wallet like MetaMask, Coinbase Wallet, or Trust Wallet. Some Litecoin wallets will support this class of asset and allow you to buy, sell and store NFTs in the same place as your LTC.

Secure multiple assets, including Litecoin using a Ledger hardware wallet. Your private keys, giving access to your assets, remain safe in a certified secure chip. A Litecoin can be a software, service, or gadget that can save your public and private keys and transact with the blockchain. The public key also serves as the wallet address and can be seen as your Litecoin account number. The private key can be seen as the password of your Litecoin account. These wallets have backdoors for hackers to easily steal your private keys and take off with your money.

Control yourself

Whether you’re looking to keep your coins safe and HODL or manage them on a daily basis, Ledger has the right product for you. Different wallets have different security features, and users must put all the security features provided by a wallet into use. Most wallets have a secure PIN and 2-factor authentication. The Edge wallet is compatible with all smart mobile devices including iOS and Android. The mobile application is available for download from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. The wallet is the same for both operating systems and has been optimized to fit an array of mobile screen sizes.

  • Trust is a software wallet that enables to store more than 160 cryptocurrencies including ERC-20 and ERC223 tokens, plus several other coins.
  • Of course, it’s also crucial to mention its strong security systems, through which your account is kept away from hackings and unauthorized logins.
  • Trust Wallet was founded by Viktor Radchenko in 2017 and is based in California.
  • Hardware wallets are undoubtedly the most secure wallet when choosing a crypto wallet.
  • Some wallets even come with insurance to protect your funds in the event of a bad event (e.g. like YouHodler wallets for example).

You can purchase your LTC and exchange it for other coins straight from your Litecoin wallet on Atomic, which ensures your crypto is securely encrypted and controlled by only you. We work with a licensed EU payment provider to handle the processing. The most important thing if you keep crypto – to choose the right way to store and manage it. In this guide we will show you different types of wallet and make a comparison among them. Instantly and securely buy and sell Litecoin with other crypto assets from the comfort of your Litecoin wallet.

Ledger Nano S is one of the most popular and secure wallets currently available in the market, and it supports Litecoin. The device’s software is compatible with 64-bit desktop computers (Windows 8+, macOS 10.8+, Linux) or smartphones (iOS 9+ or Android 7+). Nano X offers a wide selection of cryptographic support; check out the complete listhere. Ledger developed its own non-open source, highly-secure operating system called BOLOS.

What platform is Litecoin on?

Litecoin, on the other hand, is a cryptocurrency. It's built on blockchain technology.

You should quickly see your Litecoin wallet already active within your Infinito Wallet. It will contain your Litecoin wallet address, to which you can send any amount of Litecoin. To ease your efforts and narrow down the list of the available wallets, we have researched several of them and filtered out the following ones.

Electrum supports Litecoin, and the setup for this wallet type is a little more advanced and time-consuming than most wallets. There are no trading services, no customer support, and no added features, making this a basic option for Litecoin storage. Exodus offers customers a wide variety of cryptocurrency wallets they can open, as well as customer support and crypto trading through a connected exchange. As with all hardware wallets, the Ledger Nano X has a firm focus on security.

Litecoin Core is the official Litecoin Wallet, and being an official wallet, it is extremely safe to store your Litecoins. This wallet is absolutely free to use and is available on theirwebsite. Private keys are stored on the user’s device and generated from mnemonic. Some of the best include Coinbase Wallet, Binance Trust Wallet, Ledger Nano X, and Trezor Model T. You will need a Litecoin wallet to execute and store your transactions. Always check exchange fees when buying assets directly from a wallet.

Select and purchase a Ledger hardware wallet of your choice. As explained, Litecoin can transact a lot faster than Bitcoin. However, Litecoin’s blocks would be larger, but with more ‘orphaned blocks’. The faster block time of litecoin reduces the risk of double spending attacks – this is theoretical in the case of both networks having the same hashing power.


Litewallet, formerly known as Loafwallet, is an app-based wallet developed by the Litecoin Foundation, the nonprofit organization that supports Litecoin. Litewallet, for iOS and Android, is free to download, so it’s a reasonably simple way to start storing Litecoin. Andy Rosen covers cryptocurrency investing and alternative assets for NerdWallet.


Live is a app for crypto for desktop & mobile that enables you to set up a Ledger device and manage your coins. The Freewallet team is constantly adding new security features to ensure that only you can access your account. Choose a strong password and also change your password every couple of months. Never share your password and private key details with anyone. Even if you write them down on paper, never leave the paper around for anyone to read. It is a great time to buy Litecoin, but you need to have a Litecoin wallet installed before you start putting your money in this cryptocurrency.

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